Full Of Cum, Desperate To Explode

What an incredible teen duo, both twinks and super cute, both very horny, both pumped full of cum and desperate to explode. Aaron Aurora is star tied, unable to move, his dick is hard and twitching for release. Mylo Jordan in his first ever Dom role, teases Aaron with passionate kisses, intermit body contact, hot wax, a soft blow-job and intense jerk-off. Moaning in pleasure and pain, Aaron reaches climax releasing a hot, hard load of tasty teen cum.

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SC-Cameron & Bryce

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I told you,” Stu said with a big smile, “I love awkward moments, and that would definitely be a score!”
I could tell this was going to be an adventurous day!
We piled back into the car and before we had our seat belts fastened Pierce had Dalton’s dick out.
“How about some road head?” Pierce said, not waiting for a response as he leaned in.
Dalton was really enjoying it, until we pulled up next to a bus and were full-on busted!
Of course, looking at the bus driver, Porter ’s eyes lit up.
“This is fun! I’m ready to fuck!”

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Join the military man-euvers as a group of randy recruits stand ready for hard-pounding all-male action. Handsome cover man Michael Parks leads the eager fuck-and-suck action. His shower scene with Cal Jensen is one of the most sensual scenes ever captured by Catalina's hard-core cameras. Neil Thomas is jacking off in a jeep and is joined by Rick Coleman. Neil throws a mean military fuck into Rick's eager ass. Next is the great scene with Michael Parks and Cal Jensen. As the pair go at it, Dick Masters watches and whacks his huge cock. There is a very probing exam at the doctor's office where all the military man-holes are checked out. Lee Jennings starts the action with Vinnie Trevino and they're joined by Chris Dano and his big butt-busting boner. The man-action moves to the trenches for a steamy scene with beautiful blond hunk Rod Burnett and his buddy Peter Maddox. Then it's a fun-fucking-tastic finale with Michael Parks in his second scene of the movie and Rick Lee.

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Plumber gets his pipes cleaned out big time

It’s a scenario that’s almost as old as porn itself – namely, the visit of a sexy young plumber who comes to give his client’s pipes a thorough investigation and clean-out. But the chances are that most fans will forgive director John Smith for any lack of originality in this sordid little escapade, given that both STAXUS favorite, Dick Casey, and new boy, Jason Mike, are in fine sexual fettle from the off. Mike’s acting skills may not win him an Oscar – his comic floundering with a shower-hose serving as the catalyst for Casey’s visit – but who the fuck cares?

The fact remains that both these lads are as sexy as fuck; and by the time they’re hooked up together on the settee sharing an open-mouthed kiss there’s every good chance that you’ll be reaching for your zipper in anticipation of the fun to cum! Don’t blow too soon, though. Whilst there’s no denying the joy of watching these two beauties exchange blow-jobs and rim each other’s asses, the highlight of their sexual antics doesn’t come until Casey sits himself down on his client’s lap and begins to savor every unforgiving inch that Mike’s dick can offer.

Cue a absolutely terrific flip-flopping fuck-a-thon that results in Casey producing one of the best cum-shots you’re likely to have seen for years – the shots spraying over his head onto the arm of the sofa! What’s more, having immediately fucked Mike to his own gooey climax, Casey knocks out a second load with such ease that you’d think the spunk was on-tap! All in all, a definite classic in the making that’s guaranteed to hit all the right spots!

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